Drones are flying robots, that are widely called “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles” (UAVs) or “Unmanned aircraft systems” (UAS).
These remotely controlled devices were initially used only by the military. But now they are becoming widely used alike by hobbyists of all ages for personal enjoyment, and by professionals for commercial use.
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Back to our topic, one of the many benefits of using drones around the world is their ability to save lives. So let us see:

The following is a list of some of the areas where drones can be used to save lives:

1) Borders Control and Protection From Attacks and Criminals Activities.

Military Drones can identify smugglers, drug traffickers, and enemy-related challenges, and identify high-risk areas. They also monitor and analyze enemy movements, and interact with existing troops, one can easily check enemy forces using the FLIR ION M440 which is one of the best military drones. Unmanned aerial vehicles are used as a standard practice for drones. The Drones used defensive tactics to mislead their opponents and launch attacks from the other side, involving the services of specialists.

2) Management of Disaster Relief Services.

Drones are used to find victims and care for the most devastated areas during disasters. It is also used to assess the damage caused by earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, and floods. Drones, like DJI drones which have proven to be very effective, are used for resource allocation. Following the “Hurricane Survey”, drones were deployed to enable emergency responders to assess floods and damage and assist in emergency evacuation and relief.

3) Providing an Overview of Events and Public Gatherings.

It is a major challenge for international staff to monitor events and handle emergencies during public gatherings such as sports events, political gatherings, marathons, and festivals; therefore drones such as DJI drones can be used by emergency response teams to monitor incidents of violence through live broadcasts.

4) Wildlife Conservation.

UAVs are used to prevent poaching, to protect human lives and endangered species such as Elephants, Rhinos, and many other endangered species. Equipped with thermal cameras, where Camera-Drones and imaging software are used to analyze data, drones are very effective in catching criminals as well as preventing wildfire as they can easily monitor the image of wildlife. The data collected is also valid and can help determine the number of animals such as birds that often fly away when humans approach them.

5) Health Care.

Rural areas around the world do not have access to quality health care; therefore drones deliver medical supplies to victims in need of immediate medical attention. In addition, they bring inpatient care in their areas in the event of an emergency; assisting in the provision of medicines and health care equipment in remote areas that have no access to health care infrastructure, thereby providing drones rescue; Drones ambulances can be dispatched to the emergency areas to provide emergency response to the scene with the necessary pieces of equipment to provide first aid thus saving lives.

6) Improving Agricultural Yields.

UAVs can help farmers to make better use of inputs such as fertilizers, pesticides, seeds by distributing through the air, which saves and reduces the cost of farm production, which results in higher yields and reduced production cost. A drone is sent to fix the conditions of seemingly poor plants in certain areas of the farm, which is why specific plant parts will be treated and not the whole farm; it can also be used in cross-pollination.

7) Maintaining the infrastructure.

UAVs are used to inspect building roofs to identify their condition and to assess any defects; it is also used to conduct visual inspections of high-risk areas and therefore provide regular and effective site inspections, monitor the progress of road construction projects, thereby saving costs, time, and preventing tedious and hazardous site construction. Ultimately, saving lives.

8) Weather Forecast.

Drones can be distributed at any time, uploaded by various data sensors, and tested according to the required information in a given weather station. They also use sensors to record weather data such as wind speed and direction; they can be used more often than weather balloons, which is why they provide incredibly accurate forecasts.

9) Fun Objectives.

Drones are used to discover sites where films can be shot. Drones can also shoot some footages from certain and angles and sides that are difficult for humans to execute. Drones can be used to fly and shoot from above dangerous areas and from within small spaces that are impossible for humans to reach; thus saving the lives of people involved in the film industry. Drones can also be used to do a quick survey of a large area to find the best places to record photos and images, as they can fly independently thus saving time and money. UAVs are more cost-effective than other aerospace technology firms, which save time, providing professional filmmakers with a better variety of angles, shots, and images than ever before.

10) Hospitality and Tourism.

UAVs can fly independently, as a result, they can capture beautiful images and create great videos of resorts and attractions for marketing purposes and give hotels a better view of attracting travelers; provide accurate maps that make the provision of directions to various local places easier and time-saving. So drones are capable of providing great footage and pictures to video-clip producers and photographers who don’t need to risk their lives anymore to take great shots they badly need to include in their commercial clips. A lifeguard drone is another robot that can be used to survey beaches and help discover troubled swimmers on time, therefore, protects the lives of visitors.

Drones with good cameras also improve the security of hotel buildings as it has a wider 3D view instead of a 2D frame.


The use of drones such as DJI drones, Camera Drones, FLIR ION M440 has been used with anticipation in almost all areas including Defense against attacks, Human Resource Management in the event of natural disasters, Provision of Event Surveillance and Public Meetings, Wildlife Conservation, Health Care, Agriculture, Weather Forecast, Recreation, Hospitality, and Tourism. Therefore drones became a must-have device that not only increased productivity in various sectors of the economy but most importantly has helped save lives.

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