Quiet drones are currently the best flying machine robots to use today. The Army uses them in surveillance, in border control missions, and in spying on the enemy. Filmmakers too become increasingly obsessed with them because they offer an alternative and a cheaper way of shooting footage, and ultimately decrease the film production expenses.
However, not every drone is considered the best drone for the job when the situation requires silence. Some drones are equipped with good technology but they are little bit noisy. In this article, you will learn about the best silent drones that you can choose from in today’s market to use at home, in the job or in film making. So let us dig in!

The following is a list of silent drones that are selected based on their ability to remain quiet while in the sky. If you happen to use anyone of them, do not remain silent and feel free to write a comment below and let us know about your experience.

DJI PHANTOM 3 PRO is among the best silent drones in the market with a vibration-damping feature.
This feature keeps the outer part of the drone so tight preventing the inner parts of the drones from shaking hence preventing unnecessary moves. With this feature, that is preventing lots of vibrations a producer can take videos with peace of mind. Propellers can either be quadcopter (4 propellers) or hexacopter (6 propellers ).
Hexacopter drones are strong enough to take longer flights with better stability. Phantom 3 pro possesses v-shaped propellers that create minimal noise. DJI is improving its noise reduction by insulating its wires and motors.

DJI MAVIC PRO PLATINUM is among the most popular drones in the market that have proved to be effective besides its expensive costs.
It has a high flight time and battery life so you don’t have to keep on charging it which is very critical especially for surveillance mission.
Research shows that platinum can get up to 60 decibels which is its loudest sound hence regarding it to many buyers who would love to work with quite a drone.
Besides it being the quietest it has a high-quality camera that enables it to take clean and clear videos. During surveillance, it can avoid any obstacle since it possesses flight modes.

DJI MAVIC 2 ZOOM is another silent drone that possesses the name zoom due to its optical zoom lens that delivers a high-resolution image. DJI improved the accuracy of the image by 35% enabling this drone to create a more accurate and clear image.

The most important thing about this type of drone is that it is cheap but has good features. It’s affordable and still can seek out your needs and deliver perfect results. PARROT MAMBO is most suited for filmmaking.
The filmmakers and the actors can still use it indoors or outdoors due to its dynamic size and its ability to fly flawlessly with its autopilot mode.
The added advantage of a parrot mambo is that it has a clean camera that produces decent results.

As the name suggests spark, DJI SPARK have a unique character compared to the other drones. It can be controlled via gestures besides the remote and Smartphone. The drone produces 70 decibels defining it as a quiet drone comfortable while shooting film videos due to its ability to overcome distractions. Its weight of 300g shows that its buddy is thick enough to reduce internal parts noises such as motor and batteries. The thicker the drone the less the noise it produces.

EACHINE E511S is made up of quadcopter propellers and brushless motors that minimise the noise from the drone’s propellers have tipped ends in a nice shape to minimize the noise while video recording. This is among the best cost-effective drones to purchase since they have a set of propeller protectors keeping your drone safe from poor landing.
It also comes with a set of spare propellers and screwdrivers giving you a chance to explore your quiet drone machine and eventually saving you on repair costs.
This silent drone can fly as fast as 30mph.

FUNSKY 913 is designed for family fun times. It has a thick sturdy body that limits the noise of its internal components hence living no chance for the noise to escape through. The most important thing about Funsky 913 is that it has brushless motors that give it credibility and an opportunity to be among the quietest drones in the year 2021. It can fly for 15 minutes and has a range of 250 meters which is suitable for short family videos.


It’s a quiet drone with unique operating features such as: Follow me mode, hence can follow you wherever you go as it flies. It has a GPS mode and can return to its take-off point safely. You don’t have to get high-quality skills to use it since you can control it by pressing a button. Its silent feature originates from the perfectly designed internal organs that reduce excess friction hence eliminating noisy sounds. It can fly at a maximum speed of up to 12.4mph weighing 1.4 g only. It produces only 75 decibels which is not bad.

YUNEEC Q 500 is among the cheapest silent drones in the market. You can purchase it for less than $500 and use it in the same way you could have used an expensive drone. It has a sturdy body that gives it a silent character, where its internal organs are well organized creating less space for noisy vibrations. Yuneec q 500 has well insulated internal organs preventing noisy vibrations and keeping every sound in check.

This is another silent drone that has an ability to open widely which gives you the freedom to fit in any electric gadget of your choice. It has enough space to hold a Smartphone or a tablet. You can use FIMI x & SE at high attitudes since it flies so high. The higher it flies the lesser the vibrations. It is most suitable when filming or taking videos on an open field to capture every activity. It offers a 4K HDR Video, 35 min flight time, and 8km range. It has a rain-proof design, hence, it tops the list of best filming drones.


As technology is evolving by the day, more and more features are added to drones making them easier to adapt to people needs. But the best drones to work with especially if you plan to fly your drone to make money are the most silent ones. If you want to learn more about how to fly drones for living read “How to make money flying drones?”

Keep in mind if you want to fly your drone for commercial use, you need to get your drone pilot license. Find out “How to Become a Drone Pilot?” and Check out the drone course here.

Hopefully, the list above will give you a better idea about what is available on the market nowadays, and if you want to explore more, check out “The Best Drone Deals” you might find something you like.

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