If you are excited about flying a drone for commercial use, then you are making the right choice due to the fact that flying drones for money is a booming field. Check out this article on “How to Make Money Flying Drones?” But what you need to do first is to get your license for flying drones.

You may also need to buy a drone for practice. There are plenty of choices out there. Check out “The Best Drone Deals” you might find something you like.

There are several institutes that are offering courses and training to prepare their students for the Part 107 test. Read more about “What is Part 107 and What Can You Do With It?”

In this piece, I will focus on one of the best schools for drone courses, and I will explain why I recommend it.

With my humble assessment, I would recommend Pilot Institute™ who is based in Arizona, for the following reasons:

  1. They created world-class courses that are making it easy to pass the FAA’s tests. They have a 99% success rate on their courses, and they have taught well over 75,000 students in 98 countries so far.
  2. All of their courses are created and taught by a certified Federal Aviation Administration Commercial Pilot, Flight Instructor, and Remote Pilot. All of their instructors are not only experts in their field, but they are also, proven educators who make learning fun and engaging. They have courses on all types of flight from drones to airplanes.
  3. They are always building out their catalog to offer more to their students. They regularly update their courses to make sure they provide the maximum value.
  4. Pilot Institute’s strategy is to make their students achieve their goal by being:
  • Connected with each other and network with large interactive groups on Facebook.
  • Current, by regularly updating courses to adhere to changes from the FAA.
  • Capable, by setting metrics to ensure that students are actually learning and retaining the information.
  • Confident, by providing training to ensure that students are able to put into practice what they have learned.
  1. All of their courses have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. They make it simple to get your money back if you are not happy in the first 30 days – hassle and risk-free.
  2. Their courses teach you the foundations from the bottom up, which helps you remember difficult concepts long after the test.


  1. Part 107 Online Course required by FAA
  2. A complete set of courses will help you pass the Part 107 test, achieve your goal of becoming a commercial drone pilot, and start earning money

PILOTINSTITUTE offers the following courses too:

 1. Part-61-Private-Pilot Course

2. ComplestSet of  Airplane Courses: Although getting a pilot license is not an easy task, but with Pilot Institute courses, it became easier than ever before.


The most comprehensive Part 107 and Part 61 courses are available online at Pilot Institute. They take pride that all their courses are up-to-date. Their instructors stay current and they always modify the course based on changes from the FAA as they happen. You will have free access for life to every course you enroll in. Below are some additional details about the courses: Part 107 Made Easy 12.5 hours of short videos that you can easily watch and understand.
They will guarantee you to pass the test on the first attempt. This is a unique course that includes a cheat sheet and a complimentary flashcards.
There are no limits on the number of practice tests you can take, and there are 20 quizzes with over 250 questions. Greg is an FAA-certified professor at a major aeronautical university and has his remote pilot license and airplane commercial pilot license. Lifetime access to the course means you can use it to brush up your skills when you go to renew your Part 107 license.
Part 61 Made Easy 35 hours of short, easy-to-watch videos. The cost of the course is a fraction of the expense of ground school. Starting with the course can save you money on instructor fees. Instructor endorsement included in the course. There are 850 practice questions.
You are guaranteed to pass the test or your $150 test fee will be refunded.


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